Hailing from Central California, Nicholas Cookston-Minton is the owner & roaster here at Bouquet Coffee Roasters. Nick's enthusiasm and unique methodology for both coffee roasting and brewing are well known amongst patrons and staff of The Mill; founded by him and his artist wife Ilah Rose in 2013 with two cafe's in Sacramento. Nick has over 19 years of specialty coffee industry experience, has studied espresso machines with John Blackwell owner of La Marzocco in Seattle, attended numerous courses on coffee roasting with leading industry educators, and helped develop and build nationally recognized coffee company. Nick's unparalleled curiosity and drive to create incredible coffees is truly special as he is one of the most generous and kind people. If you ever get the chance to corner him and talk about coffee, you'll know how contagious his positivity and drive truly are. When Nick is not sourcing and roasting incredible coffees, you'll find him with a guitar or banjo in hand singing the songs of another time. 

Bouquet Coffee Roasters is proudly
indepenantly owned and opperated by 
The Cookston-Mintons