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Guatemala Huehuetenango

Dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel, blackberry, blood orange

Region: Unión Cantinil                

Elevation: 1750 Masl                                                               

Processing: Washed 

Pollinator Friendly 

Founded in 2013, AAPICAFI (Asociación de Apicultores y Caficultores) which stands for "Association of Beekeepers and Coffee Growers, consists of 24 small producers of coffee and honey. Their objective is to preserve the environment before, during and post harvest. The association aims to support its members and families via marketing of their product, as well as socially, culturally and economically enhance their lives.

An excellent Guatemala with wonderful body and full of flavor. Cups from our V60 produced brews with stong vanilla, and toffee notes, with a definite blackberry finish that will have you reaching for a second cup. With milk this brew turns to a creamy caramel that is perfect for the season. This is a limited lot.