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Ethiopia Halo Natural

Lavender Floralality, Ripe Peach, Juicy

We have been enjoying this awesome new coffee as a pour over and thorough the batch coffee brewer at home. 

12 Ounce bags and 5 Pound bags of this special coffee are available.

Halo Hartume is a community near the border between Gedeb and Kochere, two very coffee-famous districts in Ethiopia’s coveted Gedeo Zone. Gedeo, named after the Gedeo people indigenous to the area, is a narrow section of highland plateau dense with savvy farmers and fiercely competitive processors whose coffee is known the world over as “Yirgacheffe”, after the zone’s most famous district and central town. This particular coffee is from a family-run independent washing station in Halo Hartume. It’s big and sweet, with layers of grapefruit and lavender-like florality. The Halo Hartume station was started by Mijane Woresa in 2013. In 2017 Mr. Woresa secured an export license for himself and, after 30 years of work in coffee, brought his son Daniel aboard, who then started a relationship with Royal. Today, Daniel Mijane runs the majority of day-to-day operations at the family’s two private stations (the other is in Worka Sakaro, in the southeastern corner of Gedeb), as well as the exporting itself, and the coffee has become his namesake. Halo Hartume’s contributing farmers number almost 400, and farm sizes range from 1 to 10 hectares. The Mijane family’s involvement with farmers begins long before harvest in the form of harvest trainings and the establishment of seasonal collection sites— local delivery points that reduce overland travel for farmers and provide a quality inspection point for the washing station. During harvest season, bulk deliveries come in from the collection sites around 6pm, where Halo Hartume conducts a final inspection for uniform ripeness, foreign matter, and overall quality, before admitting cherry to the tables for drying.